How to Use Photoshop Oil Paint Filter

How to Use Oil Paint in Photoshop

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Photoshop Oil Paint Filter

Transform your photos into stunning oil paintings with Photoshop’s Oil Paint filter. Discover how the brush and lighting options affect different aspects of the oil painting effect, and how to adjust the effect in different areas by combining two Oil Paint filters on the same image! Even if you’re a beginner with Photoshop, this video will have you creating paintings from photos in minutes!


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In this video, you’ll learn

0. How to Use Smart Sharpen

1. How to apply the Oil Paint filter to your image non-destructively

2. Where to find the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop

3. How the Brush options affect the style of the brush strokes

4. How the Lighting options affect the contrast of the brush strokes

5. How to Make Light Flares On Oil Painted Image

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