Design Logo In Photoshop

How to Design Logo in photoshop ? hello . im sina abbasi from to day we want to make a amazing Business logo you can use this logo in youtube or instagram profiles or shoping and branding . you must know a little about Adobe photoshop pc program . but you can just follow my lead and make easy logo in photoshop . you can make great logo design from your mind idea . you can make easy logo or simple design logo in adobe photoshop whit a few Knowledge from PS files and logo design in 5 Minutes . its no hard – its easy . you can do it . if you want to Design a Logo In Photoshop

Design Logo In Photoshop

You have to be careful about one subject at first . Do you want to design a logo ? ok… Who are you designing for ? a big rich company ? or you want to make easy logo for your friend ? your friend use this logo design for a company or just use this logo design for youtube channel or instagram profile ? you must Know every thing About your logo design before start

The most important thing is , It was hard for me before I understood that . all jobs in the world is hard for you . if you just want to look from outside But after leaving the first step you have no fear like past  if you want to be a logo designer and make easy logo Design in photoshop you Dont need fear . say to your self . im a logo designer since my birthday and you can do it 100% . nothing change your mind never ever design logo in photoshop easy logo design in photoshop

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When you design logo , you should follow a precise logo design process to ensure that your final design be the right solution for the client problem. There is always precise steps that will guarantee you a great final logo design
Design brief : this step where you send to the client a detailed logo design questionnaire to collect all the information needed
Research and Mind mapping : in this phase you should make a deep search about the industry, and the competitors of your client, you will also learn about your client’s target audience
Sketching And Refining : this step is about putting ideas on paper no matter how you drawing look like, its about gathering as much logo design concept as possible, then choosing the right ones an clean it
Digitizing : this step is about digitizing your sketches and making them scalable vector logo designs
Delivery : this is the final phase where you make a good presentation with all you logo design concepts and present it to the client

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Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. It was originally created in 1987 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, the software has become the most used tool for professional digital art, especially in raster graphics editing

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