24 Best Microsoft Bing Ai Image Generator Prompts

24 Best Microsoft Bing Ai Image Generator Prompts

24 Best Microsoft Bing Ai Image Generator Prompts

– Microsoft revealed its Bing Image Creator last Tuesday, which uses an updated version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model. In this ai art tutorial I show how you can generate an image simply by typing a few words on the Image Creator tool.

24 Best Microsoft Bing Ai Image Generator Prompts

Links from today’s video ➜ bing.com/create

1/ A family of bears preparing for hibernation in their den. The den is decorated with some paintings, rugs, and plants

2/ A cozy cabin in the woods surrounded by colorful autumn leaves

3/ haunted castle with a dark knight in front of it, 1970s dark fantasy book cover art

4/ A realistic still life painting of a cornucopia made of woven straw, filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The cornucopia is placed on a wooden table with a dark red tablecloth, and some of the produce spills out of it onto the table, creating a contrast of colors and shapes

5/ A delicious breakfast of fluffy pancakes stacked high on a plate, drizzled with golden maple syrup and topped with a melting pat of butter, served with a glass of orange juice and a fork and knife, realistic 3D animation

6/ A waterfall that flows from a hidden cave into a crystal clear pool, surrounded by fall colors, with a rainbow and a unicorn in the background, fantasy landscape

24 Best Microsoft Bing Ai Image Generator Prompts


7/ a modern cafe logo of a polar bear cub holding coffee, located on a sign outside a brick building on a sunny, snowy morning

8/ cute small forest zen wood temple, 3d game isometric, detailed, white background

9/ 3D render of a penguin with colorful background

10/ 1970’s sci robot portrait, studio light, on an emerald colored background

11/ A quaint, snow-covered village at dusk. The scene features twinkling lights from cozy cottages, a frozen pond with people ice-skating, and snow-capped trees.

12/ A picture of a fall landscape with trees, mountains, and a river, except the trees have purple leaves, the mountains are blue, and the river is orange, on a planet with two moons and a ring system, alien and surreal digital art

13/ A realistic image of a red fox with a bushy tail and black ears, walking on a dirt path through a forest with tall trees and colorful leaves, with rays of sunlight and mist creating a magical atmosphere, morning wildlife photography

14/ graphic illustration stamp of Swiss Alps in winter

15/ a city with buildings made of different, bright, colorful candies and looks like a wondrous candy land

16/ A field of tulips in different colors under a blue sky

17/ A picnic on a green meadow with a basket of fruits and flowers

18/ A rainbow over a waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation

19/ reastic image of a bouquet of flowers made of diamonds

20/ realistic image of a cold glass of lemonade chilling in a pile of snow, polar bears in the background

21/ silhouette of a cowboy riding into the sunset, c4d, dreamy and optimistic, vibrant sky

22/ abstract 3D shape half sun half moon, foliage and flowers incorporated, light emitting, black background

23/ A child flying a kite in a park with other kids playing in the background

24/ A butterfly landing on a blooming cherry branch



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